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Servomotor repairs are a blessing for customers

Repairs of broken servomotors, which are part of industrial automation, are not a common thing in Czechia. That said, the delivery times for new servomotors from foreign manufacturers usually  take several months, with half a year not being unheard of.

DREAMland offers a helping hand as it has included servomotor servicing in the portfolio of its customer service. It provides the necessary diagnostics, issue identification and repair in its service centre located at the company site in Kosmonosy, near Mladá Boleslav, within a couple of days, and no longer than a couple of weeks. When urgently needed, it also offers express repair services by the next day, if technically feasible. 

Servomotors are usually tailor made, which results in longer delivery times from manufacturers; in the case of Siemens, for example, the delivery times are three to six months. However, a customer who experiences a fault that cripples its production or logistical process needs an immediate solution. A fast and high-quality repair is the only choice in such a situation.  

After delivery, the skilled technicians of DREAMland perform servomotor diagnostics and identify the fault. The most common faults include non-functional positioning, worn bearings, damage to the brake and others. The service provides and always includes a preventive deep clean of the motor, including seal replacement; other risky parts are usually also replaced as a precaubian.

Customers have shown a lot of interest in these services; DREAMland has for example concluded a service contract with the car maker Škoda Auto, providing this major client with maintenance of Siemens and Bosch Rexroth servomotors. 

Servomotor repair can be easily ordered from DREAMland by contacting the sales representative for the given region. The necessary contact details are available at The broken motor can be shipped directly to the company’s site in Kosmonosy or the sales representative will arrive and bring it to our company; if needed, the transport of larger motors can also be arranged.

Servomotor repairs are a blessing for customers

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