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Avoid the price increase of Siemens parts ❗ only until 30/09/2020 ❗

As every year, this year as well, Siemens is increasing the prices of its products from October 1, 2020.

For all regular SIMATIC product lines, accessories and panels, we expect an average price increase of 3-7%. For retired or canceled devices, there is  price increase usually 10-11%. 

With us you can avoid this price increase. All you have to do is pre-order at current prices - until 30/09/2020.

For more information, contact us by phone: +420 315 550 005 or by e-mail


End of the SIMATIC S5 series 

In addition to the price reduction, Siemens will no longer offer spare parts or repairs for the SIMATIC S5 series. This applies to the entire series (except 6ES5980-0DA11, 6ES5980-0AE11, 6ES5980-0MA11, 6ES5980-0NC11 and 6EW1000-7AA).

We have a solution for this situation too.

Your we can repair, replace and test SIMATIC S5 parts, even after the end of operation. So there is no reason to suddenly switch to the new SIMATIC S7 series.

What can we offer you?

✓ Fixed prices for SIMATIC S5 repairs

✓ Large stock of SIMATIC S5 parts

✓ Expert technicians with extensive SIMATIC S5 knowledge

✓ Up to 12 months warranty


For more information contact us by phone: +420 315 550 005 or by e-mail

Avoid the price increase of Siemens parts ❗ only until 30/09/2020 ❗

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